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Business Owners and Managers are quick to make judgements about Candidates during the Recruitment Process… But have you ever considered the impression you’re giving them?

The impression you give to your next potential employee/s about your business, its work culture, management style & capability all starts from the advertising stage, and continues even after they commence. If you want to attract high calibre candidates to the role and your business, and have them accept the offer to come work with you, you need to impress those candidates.

The number one mistake we see employers make is – Taking too LONG in the decision making process!!! The result of a drawn out shortlisting process with wishy-washy reasons for delays, usually results in the Top Candidate taking another job offer or simply declining the job offer.

Put yourself in the shoes of your top candidates – most of whom are likely to be in a job and looking to improve their current situation – whether that be the work itself, the work environment, the Manager or a combination of these. Do you want to work for a Manager and Business that is disorganised and ineffective in their communication process???

If you want the best people working for you, then you need to be a GREAT Manager with a Great Business…. and potential new staff need to see this!!!

Why Not Outsource YOUR recruitment and save the Headache, Time and Money?

Manufacturing Recruitment utilises an integrated online candidate platform that also incorporates Automated Video Interviews, which provides a detailed overview of the shortlisted candidates – thus allowing our clients to make their decisions in a timely manner based on detailed information.

Manufacturing Recruitment is a genuine outsource recruitment option with a cost-effective hourly charge model. You can outsource as much or as little as you want. No job is too big or too small – $50 to $5,000.

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