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Unlike Pre-Recorded video interviewing, Live video interview is more like a traditional interview, with both the employer and candidate interacting in “real time”. There are a number of live video options available, but some of the most common ones are Skype and Zoom. There are also specific recruitment-based online conference-room options available which generally have the option to record the interview for later review.

There are many benefits to using live video interviewing for recruitment. These include most of the benefits of a face-to-face interview while also ensuring there are no location restrictions. Depending on the technology used to hold the live video interview, there is the potential to record it for later review. This means that hiring managers are able to involve a greater number of stakeholders in the shortlisting process. In general, video interviewing in recruitment leads to better candidate engagement, meaning less candidate no-shows than traditional face-to-face interviews.

Even with all these benefits, there are naturally some areas where live video interviews are limited. As with all technology, there can be occasional hiccups which can be managed. In addition, interaction can be a little impacted by the nature of the video process. The surroundings of all interview participants may impact on the audio and visual, along with focus of those involved in the interview. Finally, for the live video interview to be effective, all parties must be able to access the technology effectively at the same time.

Manufacturing Recruitment have always worked with clients who have different needs when it comes to interviews. Often with candidates interstate or decision makers being in different locations, the best option has been to utilise video interviewing or video conferencing software. We have seen businesses use ZOOM, Skype and Go2Meetings. For the purposes of holding an interview where there is usually only 2-3 people involved, the free user options are all adequate and certainly do the job.

Whilst live video interviewing adds significant value to the recruitment process, it is only one part of a quality hiring process. Other online tools such as an applicant tracking system (ATS) and skills testing should be considered within your recruitment strategy.

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