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As we’ve covered in our previous blogs, recruitment video interviewing  provides candidates the ability to showcase their knowledge and personality through more than just their resume, which in turn helps to streamline the recruitment process and identify quality candidates. We have also covered the two main types of Video Interviews available – Pre-Recorded and Live.

Finding the right online Video Interview software can be difficult, as there are so many options which can fulfil different needs. As with choosing the right ATS, ensuring you have the access to the features you need is very important.

After mapping out your current process and working out what your current and future needs are, it is time to evaluate software options based on your budget.

When choosing the right software to fit your Recruitment Video Interviewing needs, there are 4 things you should consider:

  1. Does the software platform allow Pre-Recorded and Live Video Interviews?
  2. When creating the Pre-Recorded video, do you have the ability to customise the questions, reading time, answer length and ability to retry?
  3. Does the software platform have the ability to record full length Live interviews?
  4. Does the software platform have shortlisting and tracking functions that also allow easy sharing of candidate responses?

The importance of the answers to these questions will depend on your needs.

If you only need Pre-Recorded Video, then it does not matter if there is no ability to record a Live interview.

Conversely, if you only require Live Video Interviews, then the ability to customise Pre-Recorded Videos will not matter as much.

Regardless of your needs, you will want to ensure that all people required in the recruitment process are able to be involved for streamlined decision making.

With Video Interviewing the data security and video hosting are very important considerations. You need to ensure that candidates’ responses are protected, and you also want to ensure that the video hosting and storage are cloud based so that you do not need to download and store every video in order to view and share them with relevant decision-makers.

If your needs include Pre-Recorded Video Interviews, you will want to ensure that there is 24/7 support available for candidates who may choose to complete the step at any time. If you require Live Videos, then you will need VERY responsive IT support if issues appear for any person involved in the Live Video.

The decision making for hiring managers benefits strongly when candidates are more natural and comfortable in their video interviews. As such, candidate experience is VERY important. Video Interviewing can be a daunting process even if candidates have experienced them before. To ensure candidates’ highest level of engagement and most natural responses, the video interviewing system must be easy-to-use and accessible across multiple devices.

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