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We know it can be overwhelming when trying to choose which recruitment path to follow (even at the best of times) – with so many different options available, it can be difficult to know which the right one is.

With the ever-changing situation in the world, and with technology constantly evolving, you may not even know which options are out there – or how they can help you and your business.

Every organisation will have different needs and priorities throughout their recruitment process, so for the clients we work with there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

We know that you don’t want to miss out on the extra talent currently in the market, but you also want to ensure you’re following Covid19 social distancing measures. One very useful option to help your recruitment team’s ability to interact with applicants is Video Interviewing.

Video interviewing provides candidates the ability to showcase their knowledge and personality through more than just their resume. There are endless options available for both live and pre-recorded video interviews, and it’s hard to know what would work best for you and your needs.

Having made use of automated Video Interview technology consistently for over 6 years, we know our clients can really see the value it brings – not just in getting to know candidates better, but in streamlining their recruitment activities in a shorter and more engaging way for both applicants and the company – thus saving them time and money.

For some of our high volume roles, ensuring that our clients gain a solid understanding of candidates prior to a face to face interview is vital and definitely helps with shortlisting. Entry level IT roles for example, often receive hundreds of applications with perhaps 20 who actually meet the requirements of the role. Rather than spend 30minutes on the phone with each of those 20 candidates, we ask them to complete a pre-recorded video interview which we can share directly with our client.

The video interview shows both the communication and personality of the candidate, and allows our client to streamline their recruitment process so they only need to interview 2 or 3 candidates in person (or via live video interview now that social distancing is in effect).

By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be made up of millennials and their successors, Gen Z. Attracting, engaging, and retaining these generations is very different to their predecessors. To ensure that you are able to access the widest pool of quality candidates, you may consider adapting your recruitment process.

Video interviewing is certainly here to stay. Why? Not only does it save time and money, but it also appeals to both candidates and employers. This means that even if you implement Video Interviews now in the short term to manage Covid19 restrictions, there’s no reason that you can’t continue to use them in the long term.

Why Not Outsource YOUR recruitment and save the Headache, Time and Money?

Kim Acworth is a recruitment expert and director at Manufacturing Recruitment.

Manufacturing Recruitment utilises an integrated online candidate platform that also incorporates Automated Video Interviews – Saving you from sitting through hours of Recruitment Video Interview provider demonstrations, painful implementation and setup, and hefty monthly subscription fees.

Manufacturing Recruitment is a genuine outsource recruitment option with a cost-effective hourly charge model. You can outsource as much or as little as you want. No job is too big or too small – $50 to $5,000.

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